Friday, February 28, 2014

We have been listening to your feedback and appreciate those engaging in thoughtful conversation and self-reflection. Our intention is to hold this space we have all created over the past 7 + for the amazing community who helped build it. We hope those who have been invested in this space come to claim this space as yours in the coming months. This is a transitional time, and it brings up uncertainty. But we are dedicated to putting our energy into making this space accessible to you, our QTPOC / radical queer community. We acknowledge that we as individuals of the current configuration of the crew (since June 2013) have made mistakes in the past but we feel invested in this process around accountability/transparency for what we put out there and the energy/intentionality of the party we desire.  

We continue to stand by our ask for our cis* straight allies to take a step back, or rather out due to so many continuing issues but frankly, we are currently turning away tons of queers each party due to capacity problems. And we ask for our white queer patrons to reflect on what it may mean to check their privilege and hold themselves and their whiteness accountable in a mixed party scene where everyone is coming to relax and not continuously be on the edges we constantly walk in our daily lives. What does it look like to step up/back, and who will actually do this when it may be needed in the spirit of watching out for each other? For those who have been, and continue to be invested in dismantling white supremacy, you are welcomed to continue attending this party. Y’all have always been a part of it, and will continue to be-- it has been expressed that you are wanted there to actively help keep the space on point.

Additionally, we have absolutely no interest in policing anyone’s identity. Like, ever. We ask you do not do that either. But we ask that everyone continue to or start to enact looking out for your own selves and each other in this space where many of us have come to unwind and let loose. We cannot tell you what the outcome of our ask will be-- but we can tell you what we are doing, who we are, and that we are also listening to our community.

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