Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012: "It's More Fun When It's Fun"

 Hello Friends!
As many of you already know, my baby of almost 6 years (ships in the night, monthly queer dance party) is on a San Francisco hiatus. After several years at Underground SF, the crew felt like it was time for a break. The reality folks is that, when I put on dance parties, I'm doing it mostly for myself...and if I'm not having fun anymore, then is it really worth it to continue? Well, I want to keep ships TRANS BAY, so therefore, I am on a search for a new SF ships venue.  I want to see a re-birth of this raunchy queer dance party!
Ships started out as an opportunity for me and my friends to dance  to music we actually wanted to listen to, in a venue that did not discriminate based on gender presentation and/or body odor, and was not immediately co-opted by well-meaning and not-so-well-meaning straight people who like our music better than other clubs.  It developed into a collective of four awesome people running two monthly clubs in SF and Oakland, plus special one-time events (during Pride month, for Safetyfest, etc.). We've raised thousands and thousands of dollars for tons of radical causes (for queers locked up, for feminist activists, for people of color collectives, etc. etc.!). We want this party to be sustainable, so we pay ourselves a bit too. But we have always been committed to giving back to the folks and projects that our community is involved in and working hard to protect.
People have been giving us excellent feedback on our parties over the years, that they love the music, that they feel more comfortable there than at other clubs, that they met lovers & made friends at our parties, and that people generally have a good attitude when they are around so many different kinds of queers and gender outlaws. Well, that makes my little heart soar and is what its all about for me. Also, its worth it for the feeling I get when i dj.  When i look up and see a bunch of people twerking and popping their booties, singing along, bumping and grinding, vogueing to the songs i'm playing...well, shit, thats why i do this.
And it keeps going...Oakland Ships has been going strong for over a year and continues to be the party that i look forward to every month. Cuz its me and my crew giving birth to our visions, every month.  All of you who come and shake yr asses and hang out with us every time, are our family and make us excited to keep doing it.
AND, I want to re-invigorate SF ships. therefore, I want more FEEDBACK. What can we do better? What do you like, what do you not like? Are there spaces out there in SF that you love that you would want to see ships at?
Any and all ideas are welcome. You can email the crew at shipsinthanight@gmail.com.

For folks who have never been to a ships party, then please come out to Oakland first Saturdays at Oasis! We love having new folks come out and tell their friends and their friends, etc...Thats how our family grows.

hope ya'll are having a great 2012 so far. here's to more struggle and celebration in the days to come.