Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Pride Month Babes!!

Hello Friends!
As a special treat for you, we have compiled some of the finest performers, DJs, and community organizations for a very special event this Pride month: SHAMELESS in Oakland on Thursday, June 23rd.

We are also bringing back SHIPS UNDER THE SEA! It was so much fun last year, lets do it again at Underground in San Francisco.

Check out more info below and if you'd like to be involved, please contact us!  We appreciate help with promotion, workin the door, after-hours massages and body work...heh. 

Anyways, WE LOVE YOU and want to make this an amazing event for you and your friends!
Please remember to be safe while you are out celebrating.

on behalf of the ships crew

P.S. I put together some highlights of this past year of ships in the night fun times, enjoy these videos and blog posts below.

Here is a smattering of past ships in the night Oakland performances:

Freak Tribe, Tragik, Zulu Nasty, and Maya Vida aka Lisa DeLux on the turntables (behind the scenes):

 The ShePeoples:

Ooh La La Bellydance:

 Press coverage for SHAMELESS by Sarah Marloff 

Blog coverage of Ships in the Night SF, along with other amazing women's parties in SF on thebolditalic.com

Blog coverage of Ships in the Night Oakland, as well as other fun women's parties in the East Bay! on www.mizchris.com

Thursday, June 16thwe are very excited to announce the second annual
special June Pride edition of...

Ships in the Night:

come dressed as your favorite nautical creature, deep sea diver, sailors kissing pirates, merMAN!, mer-gender-non-conforming-
being, whale, narwhale, nerdwhales, whatever you want!!!

DJ's Durt, Black plus special guest Jiggles (PartyHole)
spinnin yr favorite booty jamz all niiite!

the ships crew will have some treats in store for you...
and durt's gonna make the sweet decor so you can act out yr fave underwater fantasies on the dance floor!

Photos by Hannah Cairns!

Drinks poured by lovelies: Shari and Katie Duck


Money goes to help the ships crew get to New York City for a special Ships in the Night NYC Summer 2011!!!

@Underground SF
424 Haight St.
between Filmore & Webster
RSVP on Facebook:


Featuring Performances by :
* J Boogie Band w/Aima The Dreamer
* Fiona Simone
...* Purple Rhinestone Eagle (!!)

That's right fam bam, Ships In The Night is bringing a June Pride celebration to Oakland. Get ready for a whirlwind of musical performances, star DJs, live art, finger-licking good homemade food, a display of fascinating community resources and oh-so-much more debauchery. And we have no corporate sponsors. Bringing this to you i n d e p e n d e n t..ly so ♥

Ships In The Night presents
SHAMELESS: An Oakland Celebration of Queer Art & Community
Thursday June 23rd, 2011
@ The Event Center 420 14th st. Off Broadway
(Less than 10ft from Dntwn Bart ! )
$7 21+

Djs: Durt, Black, Andre, Motive, Olga T, Rusty Lazer (Big Freedia's DJ!!)

* Two dance floors!
* No one turned away for the place being packed cause this place packs 700 PLUS !!

Ships wants to give you more than just a dance party. We've invited all of our previous beneficiaries to come table this event with their gear, info, fashion lines, skillshares and other kick ass resources. Confirmed vendors include:

~Aorta Magazine, Cycles Bikery, Brown Boi Project, TheShe Peoples, SOS, Original Plumbing, Cucci , Bike Love will be selling unique, hand-made floggers and more!~

( If you want to get in on this please email us! :)


For You,
Ships Crew


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